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Engineered Carbon Fiber Blades

Segla Gear engineers are not content with merely creating products that are on par with those of other market-driven brands. They are passionate developers who are constantly searching for ways to improve their solutions, materials, and products. Our team is committed to pushing the boundaries and challenging ourselves to create innovative, durable, and reliable gear that stands out from the crowd.

Our ambassadors and kayaking professionals rely on our gear for their safety, performance, and ease of paddling. We take this responsibility seriously and strive easy to use.

At Segla Gear, we are driven by a passion for our craft and a commitment to excellence. We’re not satisfied with merely keeping up with the competition; we’re determined to set the standard.

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Segla Gear has an impressive 14-year track record of industry-leading innovation and product development. While we are proud of our achievements, we refuse to rest on our laurels. Our user base has grown organically as our top-level carbon paddles become increasingly popular in the mainstream kayaking community. However, our unwavering focus remains the same: to make every kayaking experience a bit more fun.


At Segla Gear, we take pride in our commitment to excellence and our passion for kayaking. We will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and develop new products and materials to remain at the forefront of the industry. Our goal is to provide the very best gear available to ensure that our users have an enjoyable and safe kayaking experience every time they use our equipment. We are dedicated to creating gear that enhances the kayaking.


Looking for a versatile kayak paddle that can adjust to your needs and is easy to transport and store? Look no further than Segla Gear’s adjustable kayak paddles!​

With an adjustable length of 200/210 cm and 210/220 cm, our paddles are the perfect fit for most kayakers. Plus, they conveniently separate into two pieces for easy travel and storage, making them the ideal choice for those who love to take their kayaks on the go.


I had the chance to test the Greenland paddle on a 10km trip. this was new to new, but it came naturally. The weight is so impressive, also the form of the blade is perfect I am now buying different Sizes.


The paddles have a very high processing quality. I can definitely stand behind the quality of Segla Gear 100% and rely on this material. Although I'm a newbie to paddling Greenland Paddles,

Kayak Traamp

We tested the carbon paddles on our sea kayaking trip. As an instructor, i am used to paddling with diffrenet blades, but the Segla paddles were so rigid and light and fullfiled our expectations

Sea Kayak Instructor

Great paddles, very light and stiff, was a bit sceptic but it was soon gone .the feather weight is incredible.

Sea Kayak Instructor

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Regarding Segla Gear Carbon Blades?

Our company goal and mission is to help people find the right lightweight carbon fiber paddle to kayak. 

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